02 August 2010

What The What?

This blog is about Brian and his confusing ways.

Over the weekend he was at the beach with two of my roommates. At 2 AM he sent me a text. The 2 AM text is about 3 hours past the window for appropriate texts. And even though he was in a different state and with my roommates, he was thinking about me way past daylight hours and that should be noted.

So his text (which woke me up) said, "Ur roommates are outta control on Dewey!!! But that didn't cone from me. Want to get together to hear about ur trip sometime. Hope you had fun tonight."

His typing of "come" gives me a clue that he was probably also drunk at the time of the text. So here is a guy who when he could have had me, disappeared. And then when I gave him a second chance, he made me feel uncomfortable and just about attacked my character. And also he definitely gave me a weird friend vibe at dinner.

So what is he doing? We have yet to actually speak on the phone. Everything has been through text which makes me a little sad. Judge if you want, but I feel that when people communicate, they should do it with voices. He also has yet to ask me out on a date. So this "getting together to talk about my trip" what is that? Does he actually want to learn about my trip or is this another fake date?

I have no freaking idea and it is exhausting me.