Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Once upon a time, Lila decided to chronicle her dating misadventures in a blog.  This is it.

Lila's blogging partner-in-crime and real life friend.  Because she's single and dating, too.

Lila's best friend and roommate.  She's married and thinks that she knows everything.  Unfortunately, she's right just often enough to keep giving her opinions.

Sophie's husband and Lila's other roommate.  He often gives boy advice that's helpful.

Lila's ex.  They dated off and on for 5 1/2 years; he promised marriage, babies, camping trips and lots of other things that never materialized.  Also, he made her sneak beer into a bar with her purse once.

Lila and Isabelle's friend Nelson's older brother.  Nathan and Lila dated long-distance for a couple of months after Nelson's wedding.  He is why long-distance relationships don't work when a couple is just starting out, and he's also why you don't start something at a wedding when emotions run high.

Guy who works in Lila's building that flirts incessantly with her, but doesn't actually ask her out.  Lila started developing a crush, but right now she feels like he missed the boat and is now back in the Friend Zone.

Also works in Lila's building.  He's 38, married, and gives Lila advice about men and treats her like a younger sister.  He wants her to marry his best friend, Kenneth.

Engaged.  But thinks that Lila is cute.

And more to be added...

If anyone has any specific questions about who's who, feel free to comment below!