30 September 2010

My Heart Will Go On...

...Was the last song at my prom. It was also the last song at my 8th grade dance, but that is irrelevant. This post is about my reconnection with my prom date and the potential for possibly more? That's where you come in.

Maybe, 7 or 8 weeks ago I walked passed my prom date from senior year of high school. I hadn't really seen him since graduation so I was pretty shocked. It was also slightly awkward b/c I was in church and on my way to take communion. I walked passed him, saw him, and gave a minimal wave and then returned to my seat. I also happened to see a friend whom I have not seen in a long time. I knew that with the large amount of people at church and everybody's different exit strategy, I would only be able to say hi to one while losing the other. So I said to myself, "if God wants it work between me and Prom Date, then he will make it happen." Therefore, once the service ended, I went to see my other friend and talked to her a little bit. When we finished I was looking around and actually saw Prom Date. I was walking towards him when some woman grabbed and pulled him to a group of expectant people waiting to talk to him. I tried calling his name, but he could not hear me over the hubbub. So I went to the bathroom and when I came out I tried to find him again, but had no luck.

I went home a little defeated, but not hopeless. A couple days later, I logged onto Facebook and was working on constructing a message to send him when I saw that he was in Nicaragua for the next 10 days. I wrote the message anyway and sent it. It just said that it was really good seeing him and maybe we could catch up when he returned.

A few days after he returned from his trip and wrote me back: (I have decided to cut and paste the conversations so they are accurate. He is in blue, I am in purple)
Hey! It was good to see you as well! It would be great to catch up sometime in the next two weeks. Things might be a little crazy for me this coming week but let me know what would work for you!

The next day I responded with:
I am tutoring this summer, so my schedule is pretty flexible, except for a possible move in the next two weeks. If this week is a little too hectic, would you want to try for next week? I am mainly just busy in the mornings. Let me know, and I hope your weeks goes well!

I had not hear anything for maybe three weeks so I sent another message:
Just seeing if you wanted to catch up over coffee or something after work Thursday or Friday. I hope you had a nice weekend.

Then finally! Four days later he wrote back, and by that point, the Thursday and Friday that I was referring to had passed, but that is alright.
Isabelle! I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to get back to you. Life has been pretty hectic but it's starting to slow down a little bit. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited that fall is here. Cool weather and hopefully a slower pace of life. Does only Thursday or Friday work for you this next week? Any chance that Wednesday might work? I'm unfortunately tied up both on Thursday and Friday. Let me know. Have a great week! I look forward to catching up.

So then I responded with:
I know what you mean. Life has been pretty crazy for me as well. I definitely hope the fall calms things down a bit. Wednesday could work. The only thing is that I work and then tutor until 7:30 so I won't be free until after then. Does that still work for you? Just let me know!

And then unfortunately, it was another couple of days before I had a response.
I figured email might be easier as I seem to have a very hard time responding to facebook messages. Let's try for something later on in the evening on Wednesday. Do you want to just do dinner somewhere? Let me know what works for you.

So then I wrote back with:

I like e-mail much better than facebook messages anyway. I think dinner on Wednesday sounds like a great idea. I know I will be hungry after work and tutoring. I can probably get to most places by 7:45. Does that work? Do you have any places in mind?

Then him:
I hope you had great Tuesday and that you get a chance to check your email tomorrow during the day (sorry for not responding sooner). How about meeting for dinner in Clarendon. Let me know what sounds good. I'm also totally open to other options as well.

See you tomorrow!

Needless to say, it took a lot of manpower and patience, but we finally met at a restaurant in Clarendon. A post with an account of that evening will be coming shortly.

So to wrap up, we both seemed excited to have seen each other at church, he is awful at corresponding or was he avoiding? I kind of doubt it, I don't think I am that awful of a person and he always attached many exclamation marks in his messages. I am looking forward to our dinner. Hopefully I will look presentable after a 10 hour day at work and then tutoring. PS: I work at a children's gym, so I usually feel gross by the end.