01 June 2010

E-mailing Sebastian

So I didn't pay attention to my eHarmony subscription and it apparently just renewed itself AGAIN.  Eff-bombtastic.  Anyway, I decided that I'm going to go whole hog on this thing and actually send out feelers to guys on my own instead of waiting for them to contact me.  Because why the heck not?  I doubt that I'm going to find the love of my life on this thing, but I might as well try to date.  It's sad that I have to travel to NYC just to make out with a stranger for a couple of hours when I could potentially find a stranger down here to do the same thing with.
That said, I'm at the e-mail stage with Sebastian, a 29-year old science teacher who lives about twenty-five miles away, past Manassas.  That's really far, but whatever.  It can't hurt to give him a shot and he seems nice.  What's kind of funny to me is that he sent his final questions to me over a week ago, but I didn't get back to him until last night.  I wanted to give thoughtful answers, but last night I was tired from the bus trip home from NYC, so I gave up and was like, "Whatever.  Who cares about thoughtful answers?  I'll sound more real if I just answer without thinking too hard about my three best traits in a relationship for a partner." (My answers: optimism, honesty, and, in a cop-out, I kind of referred back to the optimism and said that I believe the best in people...or something).
So I sent them and not too long later I got an eHarmony e-mail from him.  In one of my responses, I mentioned that I'd briefly tried CatholicMatch, but kind of gave up on it; I mentioned it because I suspected that he was Catholic, too (I was right; it was an easy guess because he looks very Italian) and in his e-mail he said that he'd also tried it.  He also said that his subscription was expiring (and right then I should have checked mine--almost did, too), so he gave me his personal e-mail address, but told me that if I didn't feel comfortable with that yet, he'd pay the $20 to extend for another month.  Well, I care too much about wasting money to allow that, so I just gave him my e-mail address.  What's the worst that can happen?  He turns out to be crazy and I have to create a filter to make sure that I don't see his e-mails?  I'm not too worried.
So we'll see how it goes...and if anything happens with the other two or three guys that I'm technically communicating with.  Or real life guys!  There are a couple new sailors at work and they're both kind of cute.  One already talked to me and flirted with me and the other guy I caught staring in a non-creepy way.  You know what I mean: if he'd been ugly, it would have been creepy, but he's attractive so it wasn't.
Unrelated, a mutual friend of mine and Charlie's told me that he moved to Arlington and now lives on the same road as my work building.  The road in question is quite long, but it's probably only considered to be Arlington for about five miles and he runs more than that in a day--so, theoretically, I could run into him just walking to and from my car.  That's kind of too close to comfort, but at least I'm prepared.  At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into him soon because that's just the way my life works.  It'll be fine, though...and I'm going to make sure that I'm thin, fit, and tan when it happens.

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