05 April 2010

Carson the Law Student

In the second semester of my Junior year of college, Dwight and I took one of the same English courses.  Also in the class was a guy named Carson.  I thought that he was hot, but I was dating Charlie, so I didn't even talk to the guy much.  Fast forward to the first semester of Senior year.  This was one of my "off" times with Charlie and Carson was in another English class with me; he also turned out to be good friends / former roommates with Alex, another guy in the class who I'd done a project with in yet another English class that summer (can you tell that I was an English major?).  Alex and Carson quickly became my class buddies; I thought that they were both hot, but I preferred Carson.  I'm not sure what it was about him, because Sophie thought that he was unattractive, but I lusted after him like crazy.  No matter what off-putting thing he might say or do, I was attracted.  This wasn't the first time that I was attracted to a jerk, but it's one of the more obvious instances.  I'm even kind of afraid that if I ever see him again, I'll still be that attracted because there have really only ever been two guys that I've been THAT attracted to: Carson and Nathan.  Suck on that, Charlie.
Anyway, Carson and I hung out a few times at parties.  I attended one at his apartment that fall.  A few friends came with me, but they only stayed about an hour before heading over to a party at Charlie's house (and he definitely found out that I was at another party with a guy, but I don't remember much about that except that I heard he acted jealous).  This left me at a party where I only knew one person--Carson--and the few people that he'd introduced me to.  It was also the first time that I realized that I don't need a passel of friends around me; I simply started talking to a couple girls by the beer pong table, then talked to people on the balcony while I refilled my drink from the keg.  I was kind of proud of myself because Carson didn't have to baby-sit me; I think that he was impressed, too.
Later, when the party was dying down, we went to his bedroom and...did stuff.  Not sex and not oral sex (though he asked if I would), but other stuff.  It was fun, I guess.  I spent the night and he drove me home the next morning.  We still talked after that, and he even came to a drama-filled party with me (Charlie's old roommates' apartment and Charlie himself was there) and held my hair back for me when I threw up into a trashcan.  We continued to flirt a lot, but nothing more ever came from it.  I lost touch with him after I stopped using Instant Messenger until one drunken night the subject of Carson came up with Sophie.  She suggested that I just friend him because he'd probably accept the friend request and I'd never hear from him again.  So a week or two later, I did (even though I was sober by then).  I didn't expect to hear from him.
Saturday night, I did.  Right as I was about to go to bed, sometime after 2am, he messaged me on Facebook chat.  I was more than a little surprised, but I responded...and we wound up talking until 4am.  Not about anything important, just random stuff.  He's finishing up his second year of law school right now, but I have no idea what he did in the three years between college and going back to school.  I mentioned something about turning 27 soon and he was like, "Your birthday is on Thursday, right?"  As I confirmed that, he typed, "Is it weird that I remember that?" at the same time that I asked, "Did you look at my profile page?"  He claims to have just remembered.
Now here's where my lack of lie-dar comes in.  Even though my first assumption was that he looked it up, I'm inclined to believe that he just remembered for two reasons.  First, I have a ridiculous memory for names and numbers and data like that, so why couldn't he?  Second, his birthday is April 19th, so he could have just remembered because the dates are close together.  I'm much better about remembering peoples' birthdays if they're close to my own, so it's a possibility.  Is it far more likely that he looked it up?  Absolutely.  But why would someone lie about that?  Seems unnecessary.
Anyway, we left it at it being good to talk after all this time and that we should again.  We shall see.  He and I have very different political views, so I don't think that a relationship would ever work out, even in the short-term.  But I wouldn't mind grabbing a drink and just hanging out.  Maybe he can introduce me to some lawyer friends that DO have similar political beliefs to me.

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