04 April 2010

Match #3, Date #2

I went on my 2nd date with Ben on Friday. I will try to tell only the highlights so it's not too long.

He picked me up a little after 6:30 and we drove (in his Lexus) to Chinatown where we went to this really nice sushi restaurant. We ordered edamame as an appetizer, then 4 different types of sushi to share, and the wine tasting option. This means that they bring you 3 different types of wine throughout the meal. We were just talking about all sorts of things. Lila and Sophie gave me some topic ideas. And for the record, I am awful at chopsticks. It was embarrassing, but also kind of great b/c we were laughing really hard about a particular piece that I had. It was huge, so the blame is not all mine. I am ashamed at how I must have looked trying to eat it. Ben was pretending to look away, but I know that he was watching, horrified and amused.

We then walked to Metro Center station where we took the metro to Dupont Circle. We walked to a cafe/bookstore place for dessert. After we put our names on the waiting list we each used the bathroom and then waited for them to call us. We were seated and the dessert menu was amazing. He ordered his favorite: peach cobbler, and I ordered the mixed berry crumble. We also got Hot Scotch which is hot chocolate mixed with butterscotch schnapps. It was delicious. I was drinking so much water b/c everything was so sweet. We continued to talk and were making jokes about our plan for the rest of the night: go to Adams Morgan and eat at the Jumbo Slice, then go somewhere else and eat some more (I forgot what it was), and then end the night at Ihop. I had to go to the bathroom again, but felt weird going twice in the same spot, so I decided to hold it.

We got back on the metro and took it to Chinatown to get the car. Then he drove us to the monuments. PS: I am very cold at this point. I have a skirt, lacy top, and a short, thin sweater. My fashion expert, when choosing my outfit, forgot that when the sun goes down, it gets chilly. His plan was to start at the WWII Memorial, then to the Jefferson Memorial (b/c he knew TJ is my favorite president), and finally to the FDR Memorial. When we were leaving the Jefferson to go to the FDR one, we started walking in the wrong direction. He grabbed my hand and said that we should go the other way. And then we continued to hold hands. It was absolutely amazing. No guy has ever held my hand before. I didn't want to let go. The feeling of comfort I felt is hard to express. Ben suggested we sit for a little when we reached the FDR Memorial. We went to a bench by the river. It was really peaceful and nice to finally sit after all of that walking. We continued talking and asking each other questions, and then he said, "I have a good one. Are you a good kisser?" He is pretty smooth when he asks these types of questions, I have to say. I replied that I thought so since no one had complained. He said that he would just have to see for himself. So we started kissing. It was pretty nice. It was also the 1st kiss I have ever had where both parties were sober. I lead a very sad and pathetic life. We heard people coming near so we broke apart. He made a strange comment about me being alright or something like that. I told him that he was not to bad himself. But I couldn't completely tell if he was being funny or actually kind of insulting. We decided to head back to the car since it was getting late. I was really cold at this point and he offered me his jacket. I seriously had to go to the bathroom now, but there were no bathrooms in sight!

We were walking back to the car, holding hands again. Love that. We were still talking and one of his questions was what is my favorite flower. I couldn't help thinking that he might get them for me. We were waiting to cross the street when he asked me if I thought we had walked off the dessert yet. I said that I thought we had, but perhaps not the Hot Scotch. He opened the car door for me and then when we were both buckled, he said that he wanted to work off a little more of the Hot Scotch. So he leaned in and kind of turned my head towards him. We kissed more and then unfortunately stopped. He started to drive me home. When we were close, he asked me if I was going to be much busier now that Spring Break is over. I said that I shouldn't be too busy, just a little grading here and there. He asked me if I would like to hang out again next week. I said that I would. He then said that he would call me in a couple of days to plan something. He walked me to my door and we kind of made out again, at my doorstop. We parted and I went inside and then ran to the bathroom. It is 1:30 AM! My date lasted 7 hours! And I had to pee for about 4 of those hours. Thanks goodness I am a teacher and have a trained bladder.

So post-date thoughts: 1) a 2nd date lasting 7 hours, that's a good sign right? 2) And the fact that we kissed 3 times is also a good sign, right? I mean, I can't be that bad if we kissed 3 times. 3) I think I am starting to really like this guy and I am afraid that he won't call. I mean he hasn't let me down so far, but for the 1st time, I am getting excited about a guy. I want him to call. I want to continue down this path that I am on and see what it's like to be dating someone. I think I deserve it. I am 26 years old and am a good person. I deserve a little happiness and excitement in my life. But it has already been a couple of days. What if I blew it on the date? Or at the end of it? What if he is not interested anymore? I just hope he calls.

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