06 February 2010

If I Only Had a Brain...

Just got off the phone with Kansas. Had a pretty interesting conversation. We have been going back and forth with the countdown until I arrive. I had texted him with: only 6 more days! And he called me in response. We both talked about how excited we are about the upcoming trip. He asked me if I knew anything about what was going to happen to me. That question, given the context of this situation, is a bit strange. I know I am probably reading too much into it, but I thought it noteworthy (or blogworthy). I said that I had no idea about what was going to happen and he assured me that it will be amazing.

Then he told me that there was going to be another guest with us that weekend. A guy named Mark that Kansas works with on a national association thing. Apparently, Kansas told Mark that he needed to come and visit sometime. Mark suggested this weekend, and Kansas said that he was already having people, but he could still come if he wanted. Mark said sure. At first I was a little put off that I am now sharing my weekend with a stranger. Then I got excited and thought, maybe he will be super cute and nice and we will totally hit it off. Then I was informed that he is a Mormon. I don't have anything against Mormons, I just do not always agree with their views. So I went back to being a little disappointed.

Arizona (our mutual guy friend who is also going that weekend and is from Tempe, AZ) gets there at 3 on Friday, I don't arrive until 7, and then Mark comes sometime Friday night as well. Mark leaves Sunday evening and Arizona and I leave at 11 on Monday. Which means that I barely get to spend time with just the 3 of us (me, Kansas, and Arizona). The wife can come to I guess, but she is not really a part of our group. It kind of makes me sad that he opened up his place to this guy this particular weekend. I wanted to see Kansas and Arizona, not meet this new guy and spend the whole weekend with him.

We talked a little bit about the plan for the weekend. Kansas even said that he hoped the addition of Mark does not affect our weekend. I told him that Arizona and I were planning on making him and his wife dinner one night. He said that we had to see with the schedule b/c the basketball game is at 7 on Saturday and we have to be there by 6. And then church is at 5:30 on Sunday. I always feel a bit weird going to other people's church, but maybe it could be a good thing for me.

Kansas also asked me if I was going to apply to jobs while I am there. I am leaving my current job in June and am looking around in other locations. I was a little taken aback that he would ask. I mean he has mentioned that I should move and work in Kansas before, but I always had a job then and really no need to leave. Now I am officially leaving and he wants me to apply to jobs in Kansas while I'm there? Is this not weird for everyone involved? I asked him how I would do that since I am there over the weekend. He said that I could always apply and then come back for interviews. I was like, right, because that is super easy for me to do. Just fly halfway across the country for interviews during the week. He said that he would check online about openings and things and we'll figure something out. Seriously, what?

He also informed me that I didn't need to pack anything special in terms of clothes. He said that he bought me a KU shirt and that's all I really need.

After a few more minutes of talking about random things, I had to go b/c my battery was running out. He said that we would talk more in the next couple of days and reiterated how excited he was about me coming.

Dorothy needs more than a wizard, a good witch, and some red shoes to help her with this one.

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Lila said...

I'm so weirded out by this situation. At least you have those other guys going with.