16 February 2010

Kansas: Day 1

Kansas recap. I wanted to give more of a day to day account, but I did not have access to a computer and so that has left me with describing it all after it all happened. I will try to give only the highlights, but it might be difficult.


I arrived in Kansas City, MO and was trying to connect with Arizona (AZ) and Kansas. I saw Arizona first and he gave me a big hug and grabbed my suitcase. We were heading down the hallway when I saw Kansas. I was so happy to see him. I went over to him and he picked me up in a huge hug. I was suspended in the air for about 15 seconds and holding tightly around him. He put me down and the two of them wrapped their arms around me as we walked to the car. The wife was not there. Kansas said that he and AZ had come up with 2 plans. Plan B was that I fall in love with someone from Kansas and move there. He explained that we will be interacting with many eligible bachelors. Plan A was I move to Arizona and live with AZ. I said that I was great with both plans. I mean, what do I have to lose?

We went to dinner and a friend of Kansas came to join us. We hung out at the friend's house a little bit (I met another friend there too. It really was going to be a male-abundant weekend). Then we went back to the airport to pick up the Mormon. At first glance, he looked really cute, but only about 21, maybe 22 years old. A little sad about that, but he lives in Indiana and is Mormon, so really, not missing out on a lot. We were driving back to Kansas's house and just laughing and telling stories and jokes. I think I was so tired from the week and mentally exhausted thinking about the trip that I was a little loopy, but that was great. It meant that I was not shy or quiet. I was actually kind of ridiculous, but had a great time. I don't remember many times where I have been so normal with myself. It was an incredible feeling.

We got to the house and the wife was still yet to be seen. Apparently she goes to bed pretty early each night. We hung out a little more and figured out where everybody was sleeping (I got the best room in the house). After we discussed the plans for the following day, we decided to finally go to sleep since it was 2AM.

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