30 March 2010

Match #3

Okay, so Match #1 has not written back since his question asking me about thongs vs. boyshorts and I responded with my permission that he could wear thongs if he wanted to.

So...on to Match #3!!

Match #3 is 27, a CPA, 6 Ft, Asian, and lives in Alexandria. We had been e-mailing back and forth and then he asked me if I wanted to meet up. He was real polite about it, asking me if it was too soon, we could wait. I said, let's go for it.

We met at a coffee shop in McLean at 6:30 last night. I got there a little early so I waited in my car and watched people walk in. I was pretty sure he had just gone inside, so I decided to leave the comfort of my car and walk in. he was fixing his coffee and sort of waiting at the door at the same time. I walked in and he turned around. I thought he was really cute at first. We were sort of just staring at each other and I asked if he was Ben. He said yes and I said I was Isabelle. We shook hands and did the "nice to meet you" business. I went to go get my tea (I gave coffee up for lent) and then met him back at the "mixing station." If was kind of cool out, but not many seats inside, so we grabbed a table outside. Thank goodness for heat lamps. Unfortunately, I never unzipped my jacket to show my outfit ensemble, but it was too cold.

We talked a lot about all of the normal date topics. Favorite x, y, and z. Where did you go to school? What do you do? Why did you join eharmony? etc. etc. etc. He is actually pretty funny. I mean not laugh out loud-hold your sides funny, but he actually has a sense of humor which is a must for me. He is also very nice. We were playing "would you rather" though not the dirty version of course. Would you rather go out or cook? He would rather cook. Score one for me! Would you rather go out during the week or weekend? We both said weekend for big things, but week for smaller things. Pancakes or waffles? Both said pancakes. And then he said that he had a really good one but didn't want to say it yet. I was intrigued, but didn't want to press too much. We played a little more and then he did his final one. Would you rather make future plans now or have me call you? Aww, it was kind of cute. I said that we could make initial plans now and then he could call if he wanted to. We decided that the best night would be Friday. He wants to go sight-seeing around DC since it's supposed to be nice. I am kind of excited. I don't usually walk around DC at night for leisure. And I am super pumped that it is supposed to be nice out. At least, I think we are going out at night. He has to work, so I can't imagine that we would be going during the day.

He said that he was also going to call me later and we can confirm plans. It has been so effing long since I last had a 2nd date. Like a seriously really sad, long time. I am excited about the whole thing. I like him. He is nice and funny and smart and tall. He is actually 6ft tall and not fake online 6ft tall, which is key since I am 5'10". We decided to head out since it was getting to be late. He walked me to my car! It was so refreshing! Chivalry is not dead! I was blown away because I live with 3 assholes who pose as guys. He was the real thing. At my car he said that it was nice to meet me again and I returned the sentiment. We hugged and then I got in and drove away.

So all in all I think it was a pretty successful night! It had it's normal amount of expected awkwardness, perhaps a little bit more, but we are going on a 2nd date which has to account for something!

One question though: What do people in relationships talk about? My goodness! We were both out of conversation starters partway through and then stared off into space to try to think of more. It's a little hard to judge the chemistry because we were both pretty nervous. At least, I was. So maybe that's why things didn't flow? I don't know. But seriously, what do you talk about?


Sophie said...

Yay! I'm so glad it went well!! And I'm excited about your second date too! It is absolutely a great sign that he initiated the second date; it is so cute the way he set it up. It also sounds like it will be a nice and interesting date.

It's hard for me to remember what I talked to Dwight about when we were first dating; beginning-of-the-relationship conversation topics are so different than been-together-forever conversation topics. I think it's fine that you both were a little nervous and stuck to the topics you did. Those are the kinds of things people are comfortable sharing before they know someone well.

Maybe try this: figure out some interesting things about yourself that you'd like to share with him. It could be items you listed on your eHarmony profile but couldn't explain fully there (like why TJ is your fave president), or funny stories about your job, your childhood, or what it's like to live with three d-bag housemates. Imagine what kinds of questions Ben would have to ask you in order to bring about a conversation in which you can discuss those items. And then ask Ben those questions! He will likely have some interesting stories of his own to share (who doesn't at least have a tale of hilarious college hi-jinx or a funny-after-the-fact story about breaking their leg while snowboarding?), or explanations about the things he wrote on his own online profile, and that may spark some more riveting conversation.

IDK. Maybe we can help you come up with some good starting points at Wine Wednesday. :)

Lila said...

I was awwwing all over the place reading this! I still need to update on MY life, but...yours is far more interesting right now!

All Charlie and I talked about was football...and our families. I dreaded football season ending right before we broke up because I had no idea what we were going to talk about anymore. Don't be like me.