09 February 2010

Ethan's Super Bowl Party

Because I had no idea how bad the roads were until I was already on them, I drove out to Maryland to Ethan's house for the first time.  As soon as I arrived, he greeted me and told me that Kenneth was there, but that he'd brought his fiancee, Ursula.  Ethan told me that he hadn't wanted to bring her, but that she had insisted.  No idea if that's true.

I saw Kenneth and was surprised at how much cuter he was than I remembered, but I just smiled and said hello.  He can be as cute as he wants, he's still engaged.  I met Ethan's wife, Olivia, and she was super friendly and nice...but not what I was expecting.  She's Puerto Rican, 43 (five years older than Ethan), and a mother of three.  She and Ethan have been married for four years and together for seven, and...I don't know.  She's just not what I pictured and I think that's kind of nice.  I mean, I think that it's clear that they love each other and that's good to see.

Then I met Ursula.  She's like a short version of Sarah Silverman, but not as thin--which isn't to say that she's fat because she isn't.  I was a little taken aback by her because I was standing in the basement, talking to Ethan, maybe, and she just popped out of nowhere to introduce herself to me.  There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but I felt like she had rushed over to do it and it just felt a little weird.  I mean, that could also be because I know so much about how no one wants her to marry Kenneth, including Kenneth, but whatever.  Honestly, there wasn't really anything wrong with her.  I noticed how she stuck close to Kenneth's side the entire night, but I don't think that she knew anyone other than him, Ethan, and Olivia.

I think that it was around halftime when Ethan and I were messing with the music that he told me how he had already gotten three text messages from Kenneth saying that I was hot.  So.  That's flattering, but it's also a jerk thing to do when he's ENGAGED.  I said something similar to Ethan and he said, "He is not marrying her.  Trust me, I'm his best friend, and it's not happening."

I talked to Kenneth a tiny bit because he was rooting for the Colts and I had to rib him a few times when the Saints did well, but mostly we only talked with Ursula and sometimes other guests.  Definitely no flirting or anything like that.  Still, Ethan called me on my way home and said that Kenneth had said some more things, but that he'd have to fill me in later.  He still hasn't!!!  I really want to know!

I know that Sophie already hates this guy, but I'd go on a date with him if he broke off the engagement first.  For the blog, if nothing more.  Come on...things have been slooooooow.


Sophie said...

He's a sleaze ball. It doesn't matter if he doesn't think he's going to marry her. It's a dick thing to do if he's still engaged (or even if he's just dating her). Whether Ursula is crazy or not, she doesn't deserve to have her fiance treat her that way, and you shouldn't be impressed by a guy who acts that way. Ew. What a jerk.

Lila said...

Yup. I knew you wouldn't like it!

Whatever. I need some excitement. It's not like he's going to break off this weird engagement for me, a girl that he's spoken to twice.

Isabelle said...

I'm with Sophie on this one. He should not be treating his fiancee like this. And flirting with you while she is there? I may not have a great moral compass, but this is creepy.

Lila said...

No, he didn't flirt with me! He just texted stuff to Ethan. There was NO FLIRTING!

Sophie said...