02 March 2010

The Fourth Is Gonna Get Bitched At

I'm starting to get pissed off at The Fourth.  Why hasn't he asked me out yet?  He's had ample opportunity!  Let's read excerpts from some conversations.

Last night:

The Fourth:  ....Cause if you did, all my aspirations of making out with you again may have just gone down the drain!  Haha :)
Lila:  You have aspirations of that?
The Fourth:  Well, you were such a good kisser.  I was hoping to do that again sometime.
Lila:  Maybe you'll get to.
The Fourth: Guessing from that comment, I did not impress the first time! :(
Lila:  I didn't say that
Lila:  Guess you're going to have to wait until I'm drunk again.  Since I generally kiss boys if I'm drunk or dating them.  Or both.  :P

Tonight (on Facebook chat):

The Fourth:  Alrighty, this old man is going to bed.  I am tired.  And I will have a long day tomorrow!
Lila:  Noooooo!  Stay!
The Fourth:  I can't.  your more then welcome to come over and lay next to me and continue talking but I have to get some rest in my bed.
Lila:  Yeah, I generally don't sleep in the same bed with boys who aren't dating me.
The Fourth:  I understand.  But I am off!  Sweet dreams then! :-*

He understands?!  What the eff?!  Is he just a champion stringer or what?  No, that's not it.  It'd be stupid to string along a girl that he's only kissed once.  I just don't understand!!  Could he just be a huge flirt?  Maybe he acts like this with a ton of girls?  Gah!!!

I'm getting dangerously close to yelling at him for this.  I can easily envision me walking into his office and going, "For the love of God?!  What is your problem!?  Why are you texting and talking to me all the time and not asking me out?!"

It might happen.  The idea has been implanted and I'm an impulsive, impatient girl.

Or maybe I should just ignore the crap out of him.  Then maybe he'll ask me what the heck is going on and I can say something like, "Well, you weren't asking me out, so I figured that this was what you wanted."

Yeah.  No idea what I'm going to do.  But if a guy can get up the nerve to tell me that he wants to make out with me, he should have the nerve to ask me to hang out sometime at the very least.  Ugh.

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