15 December 2009

And...Pretty Sure He Has A Girlfriend

On the way to see a movie last night, I Google-stalked Kevin’s twitter to see if there were any updates so I could better determine if the girl is his girlfriend. Status: confirmed. She tweeted at him referring to him as her “boyfriend.”

He instant messaged me as soon as he signed on last night, shortly after I got home from the movie. “I take it that u’re not interested.”

“Why is that?” I asked, starting to get an inkling of where this was going.

“idk, u never call/text me” Ugh. I detest the use of “u” for “you” and he’d done it twice, now. Come on, guy, I told you that I was an editor! Shouldn’t you know that I’m going to judge “u”???

“You said last night that you were going to text ME,” I responded. “And I’ve just been at a movie for the last few hours.”

He typed back, “I’d still like to hear from you, though.”

I was annoyed. I mean, I’d already established that he has a girlfriend and now he was getting on me about not contacting him enough? Then I realized that this was his game: come on strong, back off, and accuse the girl of not being into it so that she’ll start chasing. Oh, you picked the wrong girl to mess with, guy.

I was kind of torn. I could either do what he wanted or let him back off and ensure that the date(s) never happened. Because, oh yes, we have a date scheduled for tomorrow after my follow-up appointment. So I tried to engage him in conversation a little, but not overly. When I commented that he was now the one who wasn’t talkative, he said that he was editing photos. I said, “Oh, okay,” expecting him to message when he was done. He didn’t. I didn’t care except for how awkward this might make things on Wednesday. I wonder if we still have a date.

Around the same time as this, my friend The Fourth put up on his Facebook status, “Don’t make someone your priority when your only there option.” Now, the improper uses of “your” and “there” aside, I like this guy a lot, so I messaged him to say that his statuses recently made him seem kind of bummed out. He said that he was fine, but that girls sucked sometimes. I agreed that I also hate girls (well, I kind of do. Sometimes) and when he was done telling me that I didn’t need to kick anyone’s butt for him (he said that he couldn’t afford the $1000 bail and I questioned how he knew exactly how much that would be), I told him about my issue with Kevin. He was amazed at the situation, but amused that it was my optician. He asked who could blame the guy for seeing my beautiful eyes and forgetting about his girlfriend. “Aww,” I wrote, “…are you complimenting my eyes???” He said that my smile was even better and I was pleased (who wouldn’t be?) that he and the other guys he works with (so he says) think so. Score! Maybe he was trying to make me feel better about Kevin, but I don’t care.

He suggested that I tell the girlfriend where Kevin and I are supposed to have dinner so that she can bust him. I almost want to do that…but only if I can have friends in the same restaurant watching. Maybe taping for Youtube.

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