21 December 2009

More texts and...pet names?

So Brian and I texted again last night. Usual stuff. Nothing super flirty or giggle inducing. He asked about my plans for winter break and I said relaxing, friends, the gym. He suggested I go skiing for a couple of days so I can be ready to go with my friends on the planned trip in January. The same trip he was trying to invite himself on and force me to fly down an icy mountain among trees and other human lives. He is really intent on me going skiing.

Friday night and again last night he signed off in the same way: night Hun.

Hun? Hun? First of all, I cannot stand pet names. I am kind of grossed out by all cushy and gushy things when it comes to romance. Call it bitterness, call it heartless, call it whatever you want, but it gets on my nerves. Maybe it traces all the way to my roommate junior year in college who used to do the whole " I love you, no I love you more. No you hang, no you hang up first!" deal. I recall throwing up a little bit in my mouth a few times.

So #1: I don't like pet names. When I start dating someone, I want him to say "Hey you" or anything that produces less acid reflux.
#2: We are not even dating! I don't even know if we are technically "talking" as the kids say these days. So why is he calling me Hun?
#3: I love my name. It's pretty, it's special, it's kind of unique. My favorite part of Ever After is when Drew Barrymore asks the Prince to repeat her name b/c it's her own. It's important to her. It's her identity and who she is.
#4: Sometimes when a man uses words like Hun when talking with me, I feel almost like he is being condescending. Once a roommate sent a house e-mail and began it with "Hey Kids." I know he was being cute and funny, but I felt belittled. He's not even a year older than me. And he is definitely not as mature or intelligent as I am :).

Is anyone with me on this or am I alone in this thinking?


Lila said...

Ughh...Kevin was calling me "dear" and "honey". Now, I like endearments and pet names, but only if I have a close relationship with someone. This is why that I thought that Kevin was a clinger, regardless of whether he had a girlfriend.

Sophie said...

Vom. I would NEVER call my little Dwighty-Poo-Sugar-Booger-Sexy-Pants by a pet name! I HATE those people.