09 December 2009

Let's Meet Kevin

Yesterday evening I met a guy at my eye doctor appointment—the optician (we’ll call him Kevin), which I guess is the person in charge of glasses, since that’s what he helped me choose after I saw the doctor. Anyway, he was tall and charming and friendly as he did my preliminary exam, but not really flirty. At first. The more that we talked as he took pictures of my eyeballs, the friendlier and dare I say flirtier he became (“You have large eyes.” “I knowwwww.” “No, it’s a good thing!”) Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example. I’m actually a person who abhors flattery, though I love compliments. I just hate lies, period, so if someone compliments me on something that I don’t really agree with, I’m kind of turned off. There are four main aspects of my outer appearance that I know are pretty good: my eyes, my smile, my hair, and my butt. So a compliment on my eyes I am more than willing to accept graciously.

Anyway, we joked around a lot until he left and the eye doctor came in. I considered asking her if he was single, but I didn’t. In retrospect, I kind of wished that I did. Anyway, she was great and in no time I was out picking out glasses with Kevin…and flirting a lot. Now this was going both ways, but I let him pick out pairs that he thought would look good on me since he told me that it was his job and that as a professional photographer he had an eye for this sort of thing. I actually really didn’t want to pick them out just by myself so this was a lot more efficient and I wound up with a great pair from probably about ten that he had me try on.

He took forever to write up the invoice. He was doing it on purpose so that I’d stay and talk longer, I’m sure. I was wittier than normal and obviously he was interested in me. We started talking about sports and he brought up hockey. I said that I liked the sport, but never really got to go to games. He said that we should go to one and I agreed before he told me that he had season tickets to the Capitals and this could actually happen. We exchanged contact information, I made a follow-up appointment with the doctor (trying out new contact lenses) and left. He texted me right away and then we wound up talking on the phone for a half an hour later that night (after setting up a date for the Capitals game on December 23rd) and then we chatted online for a long time. He made it clear that he was single because the words, “Yeah, I’m single,” came out of his mouth. Can’t get much clearer than that, right?

So I was in new-crush-bliss all night and this morning until I gave his name to my roommate, Sophie, and she Google-stalked him. I’m aware that Googling someone is pretty acceptable nowadays, but it’s still embarrassing. Besides, he’d given me the links to his photo account and his never-updated-anymore blog, so what was there for him to hide?

Answer: A GIRLFRIEND. Well. We’re not 100% positive, but Sophie found his twitter (and it’s definitely him, no question of that) and there are tweets to and from a girl…and if he’s not dating her, he must have been very recently. Like a week ago. So I’m trying to hold out judgment, but what the eff? I had such a good feeling about this guy and now…not so much. I don’t understand why someone would lie about being single, though. Why commit to someone if you’re not serious? Ugh. Whatever. Maybe he is single. I hope so.

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