08 December 2009


I’ve entitled this blog as “Poor Decisions” because it seems that I make tons of them. Perhaps a better title would be “Poor Judgment” but I already have the URL here. So that’s that.

Nearly a year ago, my on-and-off five-and-a-half year relationship ended and I was single right before turning twenty-six. Having outgrown that relationship, I was kind of excited about finding someone new, even though the prospect of dating freaked me out, never having really done it. College was great for meeting people and “hanging out” until you became boyfriend-girlfriend, but I’m pretty sure that the adult world just doesn’t work like that—I’m still figuring it out.

Anyway, recently I got out of a long-distance relationship with Nathan that didn’t even last two months (but that’s a story for another time) and I was bummed because it’s been so hard to find any guys to date, good or bad. Then I met someone and soon realized that I had blog-fodder. Chances are that I’m going to date at least a few guys before I finally find someone worth dating long-term, so why not write about it? I love writing and I love gossiping…and I also kind of love drama when I’m not in the thick of it. So I started writing blog posts before I even created this thing, just to see if I wanted to make a go of it—obviously I decided to do that very thing. This post and the next few are all going to be dated for when I actually wrote them originally and not when I posted them (about a weeks’ worth of posts) just so that everything stays on track. I’m going to start detailing every encounter I have with every single guy that is of any interest to me. So please enjoy—because someone should be getting something amusing out of this.

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