28 December 2009

Space Time Continuum

Another text story starring Brian. He texted me yesterday at 11:30 AM asking how my Christmas was. I told him mine was nice and asked about his (he went to down to Colonial Williamsburg) and at 11:45 (time is very important) he asked me about my New Years plans. I said that I don't like New Years and asked him if he had to work that night (he is a bartender).

And then...nothing. I wrote him at about 1:00 just checking in to see if everything was alright. It was odd that he just disappeared. I didn't want to be one of those controlling or hyperactive girls, but it was just odd. At 4:20 he responded about my way earlier comment about Williamsburg and asked why I don't like New Years. And then was sorry for not being prompt, he was at work. Okay so it's been 5 hours since I last heard from him. I don't care that he's working, but a little warning would have been nice.

I texted back that I was sorry if I sounded stalkerish, I was just confused as to what had happened. I also asked him about what football team he liked since I am a big football fan and there were some pretty big games yesterday. At 5:36 (over an hour since his last message) he wrote: u stalking me?? ;-p New Years is always a good party. Are u planning on going out for it at least? And then he continues on about the football game. And asks me who my team is. Okay 1) It irks me when people use single letters instead of whole words (I think Lila agrees with me on this) The only substitutions are b/c and w/ 2) I think it's weird when men make text cutesy faces.

I responded with my views of the game and told him who my team is. At 6:33 he asked me how I became a fan of my team since geographically, it doesn't make much sense. I wrote back with a quick explanation and a witty remark.

At 9:30 PM he texted me with: It was fun. I got an annual pass so I'll probably go back in the spring and hit busch gardens at the same time. Anyways, I've gotta go, work is busy tonight. I'll chat soon!

I don't even know if that last text was meant for me! It's like he went back to a way earlier message and was responding to that and completely forgetting everything else we had talked about since. Which, granted, wasn't a lot but we were definitely on a different subject. I didn't respond because obviously, it sounded like he was very busy. And I didn't even know what he was talking about anymore.

So let's recap: In the 10 hours between his first and last text, he sent me a total of 6 texts. Six texts in 1o hours! That is like one text every hour and a half! I am sorry, but I find that incredibly rude! It's not like I was waiting around for him to respond; I was doing errands and things, but seriously? Either tell me from the start that you're busy and may be delayed in responding, or effing wait for a better time!! What the Hell!? He was very distracted with work or other things and that's not fair. Shouldn't he want to be engaged in the conversation that he's having? And to have hours lapse between texts? Isn't it just common courtesy to not allow this to happen?

I know I am not experienced in the dating world, but I wasn't raised by wolves either. If you want to talk to me, talk to me. Right then and there. I think I deserve at least that. Don't try to have a normal conversation with me through text messages over the course of an entire day and say nothing at the same time. What is going on? Seriously, am I doing something wrong here?

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Lila said...

1st i totes agree w. what u said.

Ugh. It pains me to even write that as a joke. I also hate that kind of thing; just spell it out and fake like you're (not "your") intelligent, okay?

As for the texting over the course of the day? I don't know what normal protocol is on that one. I agree that it's weird for him to start a conversation and then not continue it in due time. I understand not responding to texts if you have nothing to say in response, though. Like when Kevin asked me to text him when I got out of work one day and I did...then he said "yayyyyy" and nothing else. But that's a whole other thing since he was trying to get me to pursue him.

So, yeah. Bottomline is that Brian is kind of weird. Let's find new/better guys on NYE.