22 December 2009

Facebook Flirting

More flirting with The Fourth. Can't decide whether this is a good idea or bad idea which makes me think that it's probably a bad idea and I need to lay off.

It started on the Facebook News Feed:

The Fourth: Anybody a doctor? Cause the one I went to see today thinks I ONLY have a sinus infection. I could have paid myself a ton of money to tell myself that. I want to REALLY know why I feel like crap!

Me: I'm a doctor (or something) and my opinion is that you need to man up. :D

The Fourth: I would if I had enough energy to stand up!

Me: Awww...you're trying to get me to feel sorry for you.

The Fourth: Naw. That feeling that you have for me is natural in females. ;)

Me: Pity??? :D

The Fourth: If Pity means that I get more cookies. Then Pity away! :)

Me: Ha! I'm not baking again until tomorrow night! If you want cookies, you have to come over. I'm not bringing them to work.

By the time that we got to "pity," I believe, we'd already started Facebook chatting. I should also note that I dropped off cookies on his desk on Friday, but he didn't get them until today and that's what he was talking about. Most of our conversation was boring, but here are the more interesting parts:

--He said that he'd love to come over if he wasn't traveling out-of-state tomorrow.

--When discussing how he wants to live with roommates or get married (he quickly was like, "Well, roommates") he said that he wanted to wait a while to get married because he knows that once he gets married, he's going to want a bunch of kids.

I said, "I want a bunch of kids, too...like four." He said that he did, too, and then asked, "So when are we getting married??" The joke only continued for a couple more replies, but afterwards I started thinking that I probably shouldn't encourage this. I don't know how to get this back to a "just friends" level, especially when I flirt with him every time that I talk to him. And I doubt that I'm going to stop.

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