17 December 2009

Demonstrating Value

Still no word from Kevin! Omg, shocker. But now I'm worried that my glasses prescription is off and I don't know what to do. I can't go back there!

Sophie stalked him some more and discovered that he changed the name of his Twitter account and imported all the information there. I think that that is even weirder than deleting it completely.

Went to Costco after work and the guy handing out free olive samples hit on me. Luckily, other people came up in time for me to get away without exchanging phone numbers, which is what he was aiming for. Creepy!!! But it would have been my fourth phone number in nine days. That...is ridiculous. College was never even that good to me!

Wait. Is it good if I only actually like one of the four?

Speaking of The Fourth, he and I texted a couple times today, but that was it. I'm a little disappointed. But because I baked cookies tonight for work tomorrow, I'm going to bring some by to him...so he can see that my butterscotch cookies are the best things in the world. You know...just in case I decide that I want this to go somewhere...if he wants it to go somewhere. I'm demonstrating my value a la the D.E.N.N.I.S. System.

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