11 December 2009


Came in early for work to find The Fourth already in his office, so I went in and wound up sitting in front of his desk talking to him for a half hour, completely eliminating the extra time I was trying to put in for the week. I learned more about his job as we gossiped about different high-ups that he knows because of his position. I kind of wish that he was interested in me, but I can’t say why. I think that I just need to accept that most fun and friendly single guys are just going to be friends and not potential dates.

Am I absolutely crazy to think that maybe Kevin isn’t lying? Probably. I talked to him for a while on the phone and then much longer online afterwards last night and we scheduled a date for Wednesday night…and I’ve agreed that I’ll model for him on a later date. I kind of want to keep this up so that I can get those pictures. They’d be pretty sweet, I bet.

It’s weird. I know that when I like a guy, I kind of only see / look for the good things. That’s just my nature and it’s really not going to change anytime soon. But I think that I generally have good instincts when it comes to people—or maybe I don’t and I’ve just been lucky to come across nice people. But I’ve always thought that I could sense when I was being lied to—and I just don’t know this time. If Sophie hadn’t looked him up and told me what she’d found, I’d be super stoked right now. He’s not really my type—not that I have a type—but he’s interesting and we share enough likes / dislikes for me to consider it.

But this girlfriend thing? I don’t know. What if Ethan is right and maybe the girl is just holding on? And he actually is single…or just about to be?

Here’s the problem: if I ask him, I have to reveal what Sophie did. And, what if he lies to me again? If it sounded genuine, I would probably believe him (and still twitter-stalk him) and then where would I be?

This will probably be better anyway…I’m going to be all elusive and, therefore, more interesting. At least that’s the plan.

Late Add: Sophie has informed me that I have zero sense of when someone’s lying and that I believe everything that any guy ever tells me. After several minutes looking back, I realize that she is absolutely right. I have no lie-dar.

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