10 December 2009

More Boys

I talked to Kevin for about six minutes on the phone last night. I was super tired from a 10 ½ hour work day and a lack of sleep and I wasn’t my normal cheery self—not that he knows what’s normal for me yet. He said that I sounded kind of out of it and asked if he could call me tonight. I said he could and didn’t mention that part of the reason why I sounded “out of it” was that I strongly suspected that he had a girlfriend and had lied to me about it. Anyway, after a talk this morning with my buddy Ethan, I’ve decided to let Jon keep pursuing me. Usually I jump into things too quickly, but this time I won’t because I don’t think that I can trust him. And if I ever want to end things or something, I can bring up the girlfriend thing.

I hope that I’m not starting down a slippery slope.

My buddy, The Fourth, so-called because of the IV at the end of his name, works in my building and we’ve struck up a friendship. I’m still not quite sure how he got my last name to friend me on Facebook a while back, but it could have been from my badge or from his father who works in the same agency as me. Even so, he and I get along really well together even though we only talk in the mornings when I pass by his office. His Facebook status update last night said that he’d had the worst day ever and something about nonspecific people driving him crazy. I commented that I know a guy like that who works in my building and is always saying “good morning” or “hello” and how that’s so annoying. He commented back that he knows that guy (himself) and thinks he’s the worst. So we continued to joke about how much we hate him and how he needs to be dropkicked. Then we chatted on Facebook chat; I’d never actually done this before because I’m always afraid this one guy will see that I’m on and message me.

Sure enough, while I cheered up The Fourth, Stalker guy (Dawson) messaged me, too. I met this guy at a club back in February, I think, right after Charlie and I broke up. This guy hunted me down on Facebook and often wrote on my wall and e-mailed me, creeping me out. I don’t like when guys come on strong and I definitely don’t like babies who are three years younger than me doing it. Anyway, I made polite-but-distant chitchat with him while The Fourth and I laughed it up. He’s a stellar guy (The Fourth) and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him outside of work—as friends. Or maybe not even as just friends, but I think friends would be better…and safer.

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