23 January 2010

E-mail Is Better Than Texting, Right?

On Thursday morning I talked to The Fourth for a little more than ten minutes in the hallway outside his office, but didn't hear from him for the rest of the day.  Earlier in the week we graduated from text messages to work e-mails after I told him that I really couldn't text at work.  Anyway, not hearing from him had me wondering if something was wrong until I remembered that it doesn't matter if he's not contacting me.  He either likes me or he doesn't and he might ask me out or he might not.  I'm not going to sit at home and wait for him to decide, though.

But thinking that didn't stop me from stand around talking to him for about forty minutes yesterday morning.  I was already over time for the week, so being late didn't matter.  We talked about our families mostly, and what we do with them for fun or at family gatherings and things.  It was really good.  He told me that he'd not be at work on Monday so that I shouldn't text him to say, "Way to be late," when I get to work and he's not there, which is what I normally do.  "Because then I'd have to tell you that I was still skiing and you'd reply with 'You. Are. A. Jerk.'"  He's not wrong!

He left early that day, but until he did we e-mailed a lot of short messages back and forth.  He thinks that I should come skiing sometime and I think that I'm better suited to drink hot chocolate inside a warm building instead.  Still talking about vacation days, I told him that I'd be happy to take some of his off his hands.  He responded that I could just take unpaid leave for a day and hang out with him and he could pay me what I'd lose.  I told him that that would be too much like him paying to hang out with me, so that we should just both call in sick sometime and do something fun.  Like in the summer, we could take a day and go to the beach.  He agreed to that idea, and when I mentioned that it sucked that summer was so far off, he said that airfare to Florida wasn't very expensive at this time of year.  I kind of agreed, but there's no way that I'm going to fly to the beach with a guy that I'm just friends with--and not even close friends with.

I'm really glad to be getting to know him, though.  I invited him to the cocktail party that Sophie, Dwight, and I are throwing next month, so we'll see if he attends.  I hope that he does.

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