23 January 2010

High School Calling, Part II

Sam replied back to my Facebook message on January 6th, but I forgot to post it.

From:  Sam
Subject:  Hellooooooooo!

"Darn, wish they started argueing a little sooner.  lol.  Thank you for the compliments, I don't know what i would do without them."

Okay...I said that I was glad that he had a nice family...I guess that that was a compliment?  Anyway, I think that this was a weird response and I chose not to reply back again.

I found that stuffed alligator, though.  Is it bad that now I don't want to give it to him even though I said that if I still had it, I would?  I don't really want to see him again, so I guess that I won't worry about it.  I mean, how is he going to find out that I still have it, anyway?

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