23 January 2010

Um...Quick Question

I was working out with Colin (my new trainer) last night. He had me doing this eliptical exercise and periodically I was glancing up at the TV. There were tons of commercials for Valentine's Day (barf). Then Colin said, "When is Valentine's Day? Is it the 12th?" I was like, what?! So I gave him a little shocked gasp. He then responded with, "I don't have a girlfriend, so I have no idea." I told him that it was the 14th. He responded with something like oh ok and maybe something about the stupidity of the holiday. Or maybe that's just what was going through my head. I told him how I was going to visit a friend and his wife that weekend (Kansas) and we both agreed how kind of strange that was. He asked if it was somewhere cool. I told him that it was Kansas. He immediately felt sympathetic and asked if you could ski there or maybe it was nice and warm. I informed him that Kansas is very flat, no mountains to ski, and that it's probably 5-10 degrees right now. What was I thinking buying a ticket there?

But that's not my question. My question is: Does it mean anything if a guy straight up tells you that he has no gf even when it's not really part of the conversation? Or am I just that desperate to have some excitement, some mystery, or romance in my life? Colin is definitely not Lance, but he is growing on me. I don't foresee a future, but as we all are aware, I need something interesting in my life.

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