26 January 2010

Drunk Texts and Winking

On Saturday night I was kind of delighted to see that The Fourth had texted me because he was away with his friends for the weekend and texting means that he was thinking about me. So even though it was late, I texted something quick back that he received the following morning.  I was half-awake when I got it and we texted back and forth a few times.

Fast forward to later in the afternoon.  He returned my last message from the morning and then we messaged a few times over the course of several hours.  He was drinking with his friends and informed me that he was drunk pretty early in the evening.  Then around 10:30 the texts got drunker and drunker and flirtier and flirtier.  I won't hurt your eyes or your heads by reposting them word-for-word because of all the misspellings.  In one seventeen word text, seven words were typed correctly; three of them were "it," "of," and "a."  Curiously another was "don't" and I have no idea how he got the apostrophe in there accurately.

Here is the information that I got from his texts:

-I have a hot and nice body
-Picking up "hot boys" at my parents' house isn't apparently weird (Okay, this one I'll explain.  I told him that I'd just driven home from my parents' and he asked if I brought home a hot boy.  I told him that my choices were my dad, my brother, or the dog...so, no, I didn't pick anyone up).
-I don't have to sleep with a boy if I bring him home
-If The Fourth came to visit, he wouldn't try to have sex with me
-I am hot enough to have sex with, but he wouldn't want to force me (Um, good?  Forced sex = rape, so I'm glad that he's taking that off the table)

Yesterday morning I texted him to say, "I hope that you're not too hungover this morning and that you have fun reading your sent texts from last night. :)"  I wanted him to know exactly what he'd been saying as soon as he woke up.  He texted back later that morning:

The Fourth (8:58am):  Hahahahahahaha boy. I had a thing for you last night!

Oh, come on, The Fourth!  You have a thing for me in general, not just Sunday night!  Whatever.  He e-mailed me to say something similar and to give a longer explanation.  I forwarded this stuff to Ethan who read it today.  He actually knows The Fourth!!  He doesn't know him well, but he knows him enough to like him and think that he's probably a good guy.  He also said that he seems "nerdy, but cool."  Sounds about right to me.

This morning I sat in The Fourth's office and talked to him for about ten minutes before I went upstairs.  I left when the co-worked that he shares his office with came in.  I said good bye to The Fourth and he said that he'd talk to me later...and then HE WINKED AT ME!  I know that isn't a big deal or anything, but it was so cute!  I was kind of smiling all day about it.

He still hasn't asked me out, though.

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