03 January 2010

High School Calling

Received a Facebook message today:

From: Sam
Subject:  Hellooooooooo!

"Just wanted to say HI and see how you are doing.  BTW I still have that crocodile you got for me and the boys fight over who gets to have it every night, so if i didn't thank you enough for it yet, THANK YOU."

Okay, wow.  Just...wow.  I thought that hearing from Chris was "blast from the past," but this is far older.  Sam is a guy that I had a huge crush on my Senior year of high school.  He and I had been friends from around Freshman or Sophomore year on, but I didn't get really interested in him until midway through Senior year...and I thought that he was awesome.  I mean, he wasn't super hot or anything, but he made me laugh and that's all that I really needed.

I've never been subtle when it comes to guys that I like (um, hi Nathan and New Years'?), but I was worse when I was seventeen years old.  I was on a committee for our school's huge charity danceathon and we would receive free stuff from one of our sponsors every once in a while during the planning stages.  I still have a t-shirt, but I don't remember if I still have my stuffed crocodile (except I've always called it an alligator) because I might have given it away this summer if it isn't still in my nightstand.  Anyway, I got two of the stuffed animals and gave him one.

I hung around him most of the night at the danceathon until we wound up sitting in the front seat of his car with the seats leaned back, making out with the windows completely fogged up in the parking lot...while the dance was still going on.  Because I was a committee member, I could come and go as I pleased, conveniently.  Anyway, he was the second boy that I kissed and the first I went to second base with.  I vaguely remember some of what happened because I've tried so hard not to think about it for so long--it was really embarrassing.  I think that he wanted a blow job and I wouldn't do it; he offered to put his hand down my pants, but I wouldn't let him do that, either.  I might have let him, but I was thankfully on my period, so I didn't have to try to decide.

And then...nothing.  I still liked him, but he didn't want to date me.  By this time we had two and a half months of high school left, so he told my "friend" Lena that he didn't want to start something when we were going to colleges in different states or something.  Really, though, as I found out over time, it's because he wanted sex and knew that he wouldn't get it from me.

I didn't hear from him again until about four years ago; he had e-mailed me randomly just to say hi and threw in "gotta go, the baby's crying."  That kind of astounded me.  Now he's married with a five-year old and one-year old because he got some girl pregnant in college.

My reply:

"Oh, that's so funny that you still have that!  I think that I just gave mine to Good Will this summer when I was moving stuff; if I'd known, I could have given it to your boys so that they wouldn't have to fight.

Anyway, I'm doing well; just work and living the life.  It was good to hear from you.  I'm so glad that you have such a nice family.  :)

See you on Mafia Wars!"

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