04 January 2010

Less of a Tease?

I've successfully started backing off from The Fourth.  Pretty much by ignoring him, which makes me a terrible person, but I'm really doing it to save his feelings later.  On the night before New Years' Eve, he texted late to tell me to have a good time the following night; I thought that that was kind of weird because he'd have all the next day to do that.  I didn't respond because I was going to bed and...well, because I didn't want to respond.  The next morning on Facebook I saw that he had written on my wall that he wasn't going to work on NYE and that I should text him when I woke up.  I replied that he was lame (for not working) and that I'd try to text later, but that I didn't want to wake him up then--it was 5:30 in the morning.  But...I didn't text and didn't talk to him again until this morning when I came in to work...so four days.  He texted to wish me a happy New Year right after midnight on NYE, but I didn't respond to that, either.

Anyway, I think that this is good.  When I talked to him this morning, I was friendly but didn't flirt at all or mention guys or dating which could then lead into an unwanted conversation.  The most that I did was mention that I could wear my dress again when Dwight, Sophie, and I host a cocktail party later this month and told him that he should keep the date in mind for it.  I could have had the exact same conversation with anyone.  So...yay for me being less of a tease?

Talked to Ethan this morning about Nick; he said that I should wait until next week to go out with him because he took so long to call.  I might; this week is busier than next anyway.

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