19 January 2010

Because I Have To Come Out of Hiding

Okay...I've been MIA for the past week because I didn't want Sophie reading and judging me for what I've been doing--which is texting back and forth with The Fourth a lot.  I will reiterate that I am not leading him on!  He's really funny and we're finding more things in common.  I'm not in love with him or anything, but I'll be pleased if this goes anywhere.  And I think that he likes me, too, but he hasn't asked me out.  So...whatever.  I think that he's just waiting or something.

And he better not wait too long because I'm going to a party next Friday night and then Ethan is going to have a Super Bowl party the weekend after that.  This is so that he can finally introduce me to some of his friends...eligible friends, that is.  He asked me for a "shopping list" of what I'm looking for in a guy and if I had access to it right now, I'd post parts of it.  Even if I don't find The Guy there, at least I can maybe meet some new people and that'll be cool, too.

Once again.  Not leading The Fourth on.  Also, not being the one to suggest hanging out.  He needs to man up and do it himself if he wants to.  Oh!  Funny thing:  he texted me a few pictures after he left work.  One was of our building, showing that he was in the parking lot, one of him in front of his house, and the third was of a Corona.  Jerk.  :)

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