11 January 2010


Texted with The Fourth last night.  I know, I know; I said that I'd be good and I was.  Nothing flirty for days, I haven't been on Facebook chat, and I wasn't commenting on any of his statuses.  Then he posted a picture of his sister's newborn twins and I commented saying how cute they were.

A few hours later, this is what happened:

The Fourth (10:37pm): Wanna get married and have quadruplets?  Just a thought!  Haha
Lila (10:38pm): This is a mass text, isn't it?
Lila (10:39pm): And quads?  Are you nuts?

The Fourth (10:41pm): Nope.  This is The Fourth's friend.  We stole his cell phone.  He was talking about you earlier and we just thought that we would mess with him and text you.  How are you Lila?
Lila (10:44pm): I'm awesome because my friends are nice enough not to send texts from my phone--so far. ;)
The Fourth (10:45pm): Holy shit.  Sorry!  It's The Fourth.  My friends are assholes tonight!  Sorry to bother you.  I need to go kill them now!
The Fourth (10:46pm):  I am really sorry!
Lila (10:47pm):  Hahaha!  May I suggest tea-bagging?  That'll teach them.
The Fourth (10:48pm):  Oh.  A complete beating is in order!  Tea-bagging would be a good bonus!

Okay...I've tried to write up my thoughts on this all day, but I really can't figure out my own feelings.  As anyone who reads this is aware, I've been trying not to lead on The Fourth and I was actually getting...not freaked out, but anxious that I might have really done it and could potentially hurt or disappoint him.  But I haven't talked to him for a few days and I started getting disappointed when he wasn't in his office as I passed by it.  Then I got those texts last night (and some more that aren't really blog-worthy) and was really excited--I mean, his friend said that he was talking about me! He told me this morning that his phone had an e-mail notification from where I commented on the picture of the babies and that's why his friend decided to message me.  He also mentioned that he and his buddies had taken another friend's phone on Saturday and texted a bunch of his ex-girlfriends to see which would go out with him again.  And they'd texted a picture of another guy's new girlfriend to his ex-girlfriend.  So...they were getting revenge on him.  But...why choose me to message from The Fourth?  I was pretty stoked.

I was thinking about all this today as I walked from his office to mine...and about how I really like talking to him.  Then I wondered what it would be like to make out with him.  A week or two ago I couldn't even imagine it without thinking that it was a bad idea.  Now I can imagine it...and it doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Maybe it's just me being a flake and I'll feel differently tomorrow.  Maybe things are just developing slowly unlike how I usually just jump into things.  Maybe it's because I've written off Nathan and the mental block for other guys has been lifted.  Maybe it's because I generally want what I can't have and he stopped contacting me all the time, making him more desirable.

I don't know what it is.  But I'm pretty sure that Sophie's going to kick my ass for flip-flopping so much.  Hey, Sophie, remember that time when I e-mailed you today saying that you were probably going to get more frustrated with me?  This is what I meant.



Sophie said...


You're being evil, you know that right? This guy TALKS TO HIS FRIENDS ABOUT YOU. He actually likes you. And you have only now decided you like him (because there's no one else on the horizon?) Ugh, are you going to be That Girl?

Lila said...

I'm not being evil! I'm not leading him on, either! Did you start wanting to date Dwight when you first met him?! Because I seem to remember you knowing him for almost three years before you guys dated!

I like The Fourth. If he asks me out, I'm going to be excited. I just need to hang out with him outside of work to get to know him better. And if he doesn't ever ask me out, he'll just be that guy that I'm friends with and flirt with.